ROLOfilm XT foils make your products completely safe during the process of packing, storing and especially transportation, when the peak loads of pressure are the biggest on the foil. ROLOfilm XT has the unique chemical and molecule structure and because of that makes your products even safer.


ROLOfilm XT foils replace much thicker foils due to their characteristics and Equivalent spring return (Wo) allows them to keep the shape and have optimal revert to original dimension up to +/- 5%. Wo of standard foils can be up to +/- 30%.


We protect the nature directly and together when we use ROLOfilm XT foils because of the fact that we need 50% less energy for its production and the CO2 emission is twice lower. Also, by increasing the number of meters of ROLOfilm XT on the single roll we protect the environment indirectly throughout lower CO2 emission in the process of storing, transportation and use of ROLOfilm XT foils.


The flexibility of ROLOfilm XT foils is particularly visible when it is used for wrapping the specific goods like paper products (toilet paper, paper towels…) and tobacco products which demand good wrapping strength and flexibility when the pressure on the foil increases, during the storage of goods and their transport in which the ability of deforming the cardboard boxes and pallets is the biggest.

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